December 24, 2017


   Edition Rouge Melomanie! presents Broadcast  Recordings of Great Classical Concert Performances and Opera Highlights. 


   Edition Rouge Melomanie! does not publish copies of CDs, which are available at the official music market. No copyright infringement is intended. Our intention is to memorialize, to preserve for public memory, to archive for future music lovers and to rescue this classical music events, whose artistic quality is outstanding (or at least interesting and unusual!), from loss.


   Edition Rouge Melomanie! offers several times a month FREE downloads of private broadcast recordings. These are digitally processed in order to get the best possible sound quality. Our downloads are MP3 files (Mono-Stereo/48000Hz/192-320kbps), which are packed in 7-zip-archives.


   Edition Rouge Melomanie! says thank you for supporting our Classical Music Archive Project with a donation!


   Edition Rouge Melomanie! says thank you for your interest, for your support and wishes exciting hours with wonderful music!